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You are: a Certified Medical Assistant working with Susan Lee, MD, a primary care physician at Fulwood Medical Center.

Your patient is: Mrs. Helen Schreiber, a 45-year-old high school principal. Your task is to document her care.


Mrs. Helen Schreiber, a 45-year-old high school principal, presents with a 6-month history of dry mouth, bleeding gums, and difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.

Questioning by Dr. Susan Lee, her primary care physician, reveals that she also has dry eyes, is having pain in some joints of both hands, and has felt fatigued. Her previous medical history is uneventful. Physical examination shows a dry mouth, mild gingivitis, and an ulcer on the back of the lower lip. Her salivary glands are not swollen. Her eyes show no ulceration or conjunctivitis. The metacarpophalangeal joints of both index fingers are swollen, stiff, and tender. All other systems show no abnormality.

Initial laboratory reports show anemia, decreased WBC count, and an elevated ESR. Dr. Lee made a provisional diagnosis of Sjogren syndrome. The results of blood studies for SSA and SSB antibodies (Sjögren syndrome antibodies A and B) and for rheumatoid factor titers are pending, as are xx-rays of her hands. Mrs. Schreiber was given advice about symptomatic treatment for her dry mouth and will be seen again in 1 week. Luisa Guitterez, CMA 06/12/12, 1530 hrs.

Based on the above case report, answer the following question.

What are Mrs. Schreiber's presenting symptoms? \rule{7cm}{0.15mm}



Smith, Inc., has the following stockholders’ equity accounts as of January 1, 2021:

Preferred stock—$100 par, nonvoting and nonparticipating, 8% cumulative dividend $2,000,000
Common stock—$20 par value 4,000,000
Retained earnings 10,000,000

Haried Company purchases all of Smith’s common stock on January 1, 2021, for$14,040,000. The preferred stock remains in the hands of outside parties. Any excess acquisition-date fair value will be assigned to franchise contracts with a 40-year remaining life.
 During 2021, Smith reports earning $450,000 in net income and declares$360,000 in cash dividends. Haried applies the equity method to this investment.

a. What is the noncontrolling interest’s share of consolidated net income for this period?
b. What is the balance in the Investment in Smith account as of December 31, 2021?
c. What consolidation entries are needed for 2021?


Answered 11 months ago
Answered 11 months ago
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In this problem, we will determine the amount of noncontrolling interest and investment as well as the consolidation entries.

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