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Solve each inequality algebraically. x34x2>0x^{3}-4 x^{2}>0


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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We change the inequality of x34x2>0x^3-4x^2>0 to equal to zero to make it easier, then get the value of xx Thus,

x34x2=0factor out x2x2(x4)=0x2=0;     x4=0x=0;       x=4\begin{aligned} x^3-4x^2=0&&\color{#4257b2}{\text{factor out $x^2$}}\\ x^2(x-4)=0\\ x^2=0;~~~~~x-4=0\\ x=0;~~~~~~~x=4 \end{aligned}

Thus, x=0x=0 and x=4x=4

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