Solve the given problem by using a system of equations.

During the 20132013 major league baseball regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals played 162162 games and won the Central Division of the National League. They won 3232 more games than they lost. What was their win-loss record that year?

The table below shows the 2013\bf 2013 MLB Final Regular Season Standings, National League Central

Team W L
St. Louis - -
Pittsburgh 9494 6868
Cincinnati 9090 7272
Milwaukee 7474 8888
Chicago Cubs 6666 9696


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Let xx represent the number of losses. Then the number of wins is x+32x + 32

So we get:

x+(x+32)=162x+x+32=1622x=162322x=130/:2x=65\begin{align*} x+(x+32)&=162\\ x+x+32&=162\\ 2x&=162-32\\ 2x&=130\Big/ :2\\\\ x&=65 \end{align*}

So the number of losses is 6565 and the number of wins is 65+32=9765+32=97

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