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Ten days later, A.P.'s mother calls you and states, "I think she has lice again! We worked so hard to get rid of them and clean everything. Is there something else we can use to treat her? What do we do now?" 9. What would you tell A.P.'s mother at this time? 10. List 3 Internet resources A.P.'s mother may find helpful. 11. A.P.'s pediatrician prescribes spinosad (Natroba) at this time. You will provide teaching to A.P.'s mother. Which statements are correct? Select all that apply, and correct the ones that are incorrect. a. Apply Natroba to wet hair. b. Shake the bottle before using. c. Leave it on the scalp without rinsing for 24 hours. d. An adult needs to apply the medication to A.P.'s scalp. e. A second treatment, if needed, may be applied in 1 week. f. After the medication is washed off, use a fine-tooth comb to remove treated lice and nits from the hair and scalp.


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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Head lice can transmit certain viral diseases.

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