The 10 cm10 \mathrm{~cm} galvanized-steel pipe is 1000 m1000 \mathrm{~m} long and discharges water into the atmosphere. The pipeline has an open globe valve and four threaded elbows; h1=3 mh_1=3 \mathrm{~m} and h2=15 mh_2=15 \mathrm{~m}. What is the discharge, and find the pressure at AA, the midpoint of the line?


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Given data:

D=10 cm1 m100 cm=0.1 mD=10\ \mathrm{cm}\cdot\frac{1\ \mathrm{m}}{100\ \mathrm{cm}}=0.1\ \mathrm{m}

L=1000 mL=1000\ \mathrm{m}

h1=3 mh_1=3\ \mathrm{m}

h2=15 mh_2=15\ \mathrm{m}

According to the given problem and the given data, we have to determine the pressure at point A which stands for the midpoint of the line.

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