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The current and estimated resident populations (in percent) of blacks and Hispanics in the United States for the years 199020501990-2050 are modeled by the linear functions defined below.

y=.0515x+12.3 Blacks y=.255x+9.01 Hispanics \begin{array}{ll} y=.0515 x+12.3 & \text { Blacks } \\ y=.255 x+9.01 & \text { Hispanics } \end{array}

In the case, xx represents the number of years since 1990.

(cc) Use a calculator graph of the system to support your algebraic solution.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago

Using a graphing calculator, we need to verify that our answer is correct in part aa. First, input the given equations in the calculator and look for the point of intersection. 'slader' Since the point of intersection is (16.167,13.133)(16.167,13.133), then our answer in part aa is correct.

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