The Mississippi River is the second longest river in the United States, second only to the Missouri River. The Mississippi River is about 2325\frac{23}{25} the length of the Missouri River. If the Missouri River is 2,540 miles long. how long is the Mississippi River?


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Determine the product of the fraction in simplest form. Rewrite the whole number as a fraction with a denominator of 1.

2325×2,5401=23×2,54025×1multiply both numerators and both denominators=58,42025simplify=2,336.80 miles\begin{align*} \dfrac {23}{25} \times \dfrac {2,540}{1} & = \dfrac {23 \times 2,540}{25 \times 1} && {\text {multiply both numerators and both denominators}} \\ & = \dfrac {58,420}{25} && {\text {simplify}} \\ & = 2,336.80 \text { miles} \end{align*}

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