The Original Medicare Plan consists of Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A) and Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B). For each of the following losses, indicate whether the loss is covered under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. (Ignore any deductible or coinsurance requirements. Treat each situation separately.)

  • a. Mary, age 66, is hospitalized for five days because of a heart attack.
  • b. John, age 62, has prostate cancer and visits his family doctor for treatment.
  • c. Marion, age 80, is a patient in a skilled nursing facility. She has been confined to the nursing home for more than two years.
  • d. Don, age 72, has a hearing impairment and obtains a hearing aid from a local firm.
  • e. Sarah, age 68, has a speech impairment and is confined to her home because of a stroke. A licensed speech therapist visits her in the home and provides services to restore her speech.
  • f. Fred, age 78, has an arthritic hip that makes it painful to walk and needs surgery to have the hip replaced.
  • g. Michael, age 65, is covered under the Original Medicare Plan. His spouse, age 62, has cancer and requires chemotherapy.


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Answered 1 year ago
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In this problem, we are asked to determine for each given case whether it would be covered under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B program.

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