The personnel department of the Tru-Door Company is sending 5 of its employees to a local 2-day training program. The 5 employees’ combined wages total $386 per day. The company paid the registration fee of$50 for each person. The company also paid for the employees’ lunches for the 2 days at a total cost of $82.40. What was the total cost for the Tru-Door Company to send their employees to the training program?


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Step 1:\textbf{Step 1:}

Find the cost of wages and salary.

= five employees at a total of $386 per day for 2 days\ = $386$\times2=$7722\\ = \$772\\Step 2:Findtotalregistrationfee.=registrationfee\textbf{Step 2:}\\ Find total registration fee.\\ = registration fee\timesnumberofpersons=$50number of persons\\ = \$50\times5=$2505\\ = \$250\\Step 3:Findthetotaltrainingcost.=costofwagesandsalary+registrationcost+foodcost=$772+$250+$82.40=$,104.40\textbf{Step 3:}\\ Find the total training cost.\\ = cost of wages and salary + registration cost + food cost\\ = \$772 + \$250 + \$82.40\\ = \$,104.40\\$$\textbf{Answer:}$

Total training cost = $1,104.40

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