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The research department of a company that manufactures children's fruit drinks is experimenting with a news flavor. A 17.5%17.5 \% fructose solution is needed, but only 10%10 \% and 20%20 \% solutions are available. How many gallons of the 10%10 \% fructose solution should be mixed with the 20%20 \% fructose solution to obtain 20 gallons of a 17.5%17.5 \% fructose solution?


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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Let The number of gallons of 10%10\% solution and 20%20\% solution be xx and yy, respectively.

10%10\% solution will be mixed with the 20%20\% solution to obtain 2020 gallons of a 17.5%17.5\% solution





or (multiply by 1010)


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