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Trent earns scores of 66, 84, and 72 on three chapter tests for a certain class. His homework grade is 60 and his grade for a class project is 85. The overall average for the course is computed as follows: the average of the three chapter tests makes up 50% of the course grade; homework accounts for 20% of the grade; the project accounts for 10%; and the final exam accounts for 20%. What scores can Trent earn on the final exam to pass the course if heeds a "C" or better? A "C" or better requires an overall score of 70 or better, and 100 is the highest score that can be earned on the final exam. Assume that only whole-number scores are given.


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Evaluate the average of the tests of the first 3 chapters, therefore:

Mean=66+84+723=74\begin{equation*} Mean=\dfrac{66+84 +72}{3}=74 \end{equation*}

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