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Use a system of equations to solve the following problems. See the earlier examples.

A tour organizer is planning on taking a group of 40 people to a musical. Balcony tickets cost $29.95\$ 29.95 and regular tickets cost $19.95\$ 19.95, and she collects a total of $1048.00\$ 1048.00 from her group to buy the tickets. How many people chose to sit in the balcony?


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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The given situation can be used to form 2 equations. Therefore, let rr be the number of regular tickets and bb be the number of balcony tickets. Together the sum of tickets is equal to 40. Form Equation 1:

r+b=40\begin{equation*} r+b=40 \end{equation*}

Now use the values of each type of ticket and the total amount collected to form Equation 2:

19.95r+29.95b=1048\begin{equation*} 19.95r+29.95b=1048 \end{equation*}

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