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Read the following passage and then choose the best revision for the underlined portions of the paragraph. The question will require you to make decisions regarding the revision of the reading selection. Some revisions are not of actual mistakes, but will improve the clarity of the writing.

Any day of the week, between 10am10 \mathrm{am} to 11pm11 \mathrm{pm}, drop by a major bookstore. You will see why movies and television will never replace written literature, people\underline{\text{literature, people}} 2^2 simply love to hold a book. They find excitement, comfort, an adventure, and\underline{\text{an adventure, and}} 3^3 familiarity in both handling and reading books.

Holding a book transports the reader to earlier times, even to the happiness of childhood, when we snuggled up for that last story before bedtime. Bedtime stories taught us to associate the closeness of a parent, the safety of home, and the joy of a story; on the contrary, some remnant of this satisfaction carries over to our more mature encounters with books. The physicality of those experiences is somehow enclosed within the covers of every new book we touch.

Even the look and the smell of a book can be captivating. The memories contained in a book that have old photographs take\underline{\text{contained in a book that have old photographs take}} 5^5 us back to the time when we pored over pictures, trying to imagine the motion of Willie Mays making "The Catch," or searching the faces of soldiers to understand their feelings before they landed on the beaches of normandy\underline{\text{beaches of normandy}} 6^6. The pulp-smell of an old book can also bring back the memories of discovering classics like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, or Pride and Prejudice books\underline{Prejudice\text{ books}} 7^7 that carried us through long summers at a grandmother's house. The same smell, though, reminds us of finally being forced to open up a copy of David Copperfield to fulfill a summer reading list assignment, so it is not always a pleasant experience. Connecting books with sight and smell is only natural; smell is, after-all\underline{\text{after-all}} 8^8 the most memorable sense for humans, and sight is the most used.

While very few people read reference books for fun, many researchers prefer paper books versus online\underline{\text{books versus online}} 1^1 0^0 databases, which are usually inundated with pop-up windows and advertisements. With utilitarian books, readers can use paper bookmarks to easily compare several sources simultaneously. Advanced publishing technology have shortened the time required to print new books, giving many reference books faster production cycles and making them easier to update frequently. While some material may be more current on the Internet, the intricacies of computer-based research were daunting\underline{\text{were daunting}} 1^1 2^2 for many researchers; the ability to make textual comparisons is circumscribed, and the problems of documenting source material are multiplied.

The peculiar relationship between writer and reader is best felt through the medium of a book. A book, sometimes even a particular edition, casts a spell on the reader by which he or she can literally explore\underline{\text{literally explore}} 1^1 3^3 the mind or heart of the author. The relationship is apparent in the way that a child reads and deeply experiences a picture book, to return to it\underline{\text{to return to it}} 1^1 4^4 repeatedly and treasuring the experience for years. This experience melds the intellectual with the tactile, the cognitive with the emotional, and the personal with the universal; it is unique to the reader, the author, and the book that ties them together.


B. adventure, and also a

C. adventure, and

D. an adventure and


Using Capitals for Religious References, Special Places, and Special Items. On the line at the right write each word that should be capitalized, adding the missing capitals. The talmud is a collection of ancient Jewish religious writings.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago

Since the names of specific events and times, of specific groups, of religious references and of some other special places and items should be written in capital letters too, the name that has to be capitalized in this example is:

  1. Taimud

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