What is a client when discussing home networks?


Answered 10 months ago
Answered 10 months ago
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The home network is built to make connections between all types of devices in the home and the Internet. These devices also can communicate with each other via a home network. LAN or WLAN standards which are used for a home or house are also similar to the home network.

The devices of the home network can be tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and so on. And all these devices are connected to the modem which has the ability of wired and wireless connection. All these devices can interconnect with each other over the modem. For providing security, a user ID/SSID can be configured. A home server can also be integrated into the home network. Generally, the scheme of the home network will be like this:

Mainly, the home network contains three parts:

  • A client
  • A server


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