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Reproduce Figure 7.67.6 by performing the following calculations: (a) Calculate the expressions

M1=ft+fyf(t,y) and M2=fyM_1=\frac{\partial f}{\partial t}+\frac{\partial f}{\partial y} f(t, y) \quad \text { and } M_2=\frac{\partial f}{\partial y}

for f(t,y)=2ty2f(t, y)=-2 t y^2. (b) Given the initial-value problem

dydt=2ty2,y(0)=1,\frac{d y}{d t}=-2 t y^2, \quad y(0)=1,

the interval 0t20 \leq t \leq 2, and n=100n=100 steps, calculate the point (t1,y1)\left(t_1, y_1\right) that corresponds to the first step of Euler's method. Evaluate the quantity M1M_1 at the point (t0+Δt/2,(y0+y1)/2)\left(t_0+\Delta t / 2,\left(y_0+y_1\right) / 2\right), and use this value to estimate the error e1e_1. How does your estimate compare with the true error e1e_1 ? (c) Calculate the point (t2,y2)\left(t_2, y_2\right) that corresponds to the second step of Euler's method. Evaluate M1M_1 at the point (t1+Δt/2,(y1+y2)/2)\left(t_1+\Delta t / 2,\left(y_1+y_2\right) / 2\right) and M2M_2 at the point (t1,(y1+y2)/2)\left(t_1,\left(y_1+y_2\right) / 2\right). Use these values to estimate the error e2e_2. How does your estimate compare with the true errur e2e_2 ? (d) Repeat part (c) for the remaining 98 steps. (e) Make two plots-one that plots the true errors eke_k versus kk and the other that plots the estimated error versus kk.


What is Menéndez trying to say in her depiction of the tourists and tour guides who make Domino Park a regular stop on their daily routes (paras. 158164,173183158–164, 173–183)? Consider specific descriptions of the tourists themselves, “the amplified voice in English, then in Spanish,” the tour leader’s explanation of the activity being observed, and the tour leader’s response to Máximo’s outburst. Why was this confrontation with the tourists a “moment that had long been missing from [Máximo’s] life” (para. 178178)?


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Menendez shows us Maximo and his friends who are considered as exhibits that tourists observe. She shows us their difficult position and lack of ability to be an equal part of American society.

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