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Diversified Industries manufactures sump-pumps. Its most popular product is called the Super Soaker, which has a retail price of $1,200 and costs$540 to manufacture. It sells the Super Soaker on a standalone basis directly to businesses. Diversified also provides installation services for these commercial customers, who want an emergency pumping capability (with regular and back-up generator power) at their businesses. Diversified also distributes the Super Soaker through a consignment agreement with Menards. Income data for the first quarter of 2017 from operations other than the Super Soaker are as follows.

Revenues $9,500,000Expenses 7,750,000\begin{array}{lrr} \text{Revenues }&\text{\$\hspace{5pt}9,500,000}\\ \text{Expenses }&\text{7,750,000}\\ \end{array}

Diversified has the following information related to two Super Soaker revenue arrangements during the first quarter of 2017.

  1. Diversified sells 30 Super Soakers to businesses in flood-prone areas for a total contract price of $54,600. In addition to the pumps, Diversified also provides installation (at a cost of$150 per pump). On a standalone basis, the fair value of this service is $200 per unit installed. The contract payment also includes a$10 per month service plan for the pumps for 3 years after installation (Diversified’s cost to provide this service is $7 per month). The Super Soakers are delivered and installed on March 1, 2017, and full payment is made to Diversified. Any discount is applied to the pump/installation bundle.
  2. Diversified ships 300 Super Soakers to Menards on consignment. By March 31, 2017, Menards has sold two-thirds of the consigned merchandise at the listed price of$1,200 per unit. Menards notifies Diversified of the sales, retains a 5% commission, and remits the cash due Diversified.

Accounting Determine Diversified Industries’ 2017 first-quarter net income. (Ignore taxes.)

Analysis Determine free cash flow (see Chapter 5) for Diversified Industries for the first quarter of 2017. In the first quarter, Diversified had depreciation expense of $175,000 and a net increase in working capital (change in accounts receivable and accounts payable) of$250,000. In the first quarter, capital expenditures were $500,000; Diversified paid dividends of$120,000.

Principles Explain how the five-step revenue recognition process, when applied to Diversified’s two revenue arrangements, reflects the concept of control in the definition of an asset and trade-offs between relevance and faithful representation.

You are the nurse on duty on the intermediate care unit, and you are scheduled to take the next admission. The emergency department (ED) nurse calls to give you the following report:"This is Barb in the ED, and we have a 4242-year-old man, K.L., with lower Gl (gastrointestinal) bleeding. He is a sandblaster with a 1212-year history of silicosis. He is taking 4040 of prednisone per day. During the night, he developed severe diarrhea. He was unable to get out of bed fast enough and had arge maroon-colored stool in the bed. His wife 'freaked' and called the paramedics. He is coming to you. His vital signs (VS) are stable-110/64,110110/64, 110, 2828-and he's a little agitated. His temperature is 98.2F(36.8C)98.2^{\circ} \mathrm{F}\left(36.8^{\circ} \mathrm{C}\right). He has not had any stools since admission, but his rectal exam was guaiac positive and he is pale but not diaphoretic. We have him on 5 LO2/NC5 \mathrm{~L} \mathrm{O}_2 / \mathrm{NC}. We started a 1616-gauge IV with lactated Ringer's at 125 mL/hr125 \mathrm{~mL} / \mathrm{hr}. He has an 1818-gauge Salem Sump to continuous low suction; that drainage is also guaiac positive. We have done a CBC with differential, chem 1414, coagulation times, a T&C (type and crossmatch) for 44 units RBCs, arterial blood gasses, and a urinalysis (UA). He's all ready for you."

While caring for K.L., which of these care activities can be safely delegated to the nursing assistive personnel (NAP)? (Select all that apply.)

  • a. Initiating a pulse oximetry monitoring
  • b. Measuring K.L.'s vital signs every 1515 minutes
  • c. Obtaining consent from K.L. for a possible blood transfusion
  • d. Assessing K.L.'s peripheral circulation
  • e. Emptying each Foley catheter collection bag each hour
  • f. Monitoring K.L.'s hemoglobin and hematocrit levels

J.G., a 4949-year-old man, was seen in the emergency department (ED) 22 days ago, diagnosed with alcohol intoxication, and released after 88 hours to his brother's care. He was brought back to the ED 1212 hours ago with an active gastrointestinal (GI) bleed and is being admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU); his diagnosis is upper GI bleed and alcohol intoxication.

You are assigned to admit and care for J.G. for the remainder of your shift. According to the ED notes, his admission vital signs were BP 84/5684/56 mm Hg, P 110110 bpm, R 2626, and he was vomiting bright red blood. He was given IV fluids and transfused 66 units of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) in the ED. On initial assessment, you note that J.G.'s VS are blood pressure BP 154/90154/90 mm Hg, P 110110 bpm; he has a slight tremor in his hands, and he appears anxious. He complains of a headache and appears flushed. You note that he has not had any emesis and has not had any frank red blood in his stool or melena (black tarry stools) over the past 55 hours. In response to your questions, J.G. denies that he has an alcohol problem but later admits to drinking approximately a fifth of vodka daily for the past 22 months. He reports that he was drinking vodka just before his admission to the ED. He admits to having had seizures while withdrawing from alcohol in the past.

You note that J.G.'s physician has not diagnosed J.G. as having alcohol dependence, and his orders do not include treatment for alcohol withdrawal.

As an RN, what action is necessary before you continue to care for J.G.?


A MONEY MANAGER FOR Nancy and Joe ThomasDATE 7/20/–Monthly Living ExpensesMonthly Fixed Expenses\begin{array}{c c} \small\text{A MONEY MANAGER FOR} \underline{\textbf{ Nancy and Joe Thomas}} & \small\text{DATE} \underline{\textbf{ 7/20/--}}\\[10pt] \text{Monthly Living Expenses} & \text{Monthly Fixed Expenses} \hspace{50pt}\\ \end{array}

Food/Grocery Bill$210.00Rent/Mortgage Payment$715.20Household ExpensesCar Payment$              Electricity$  55.65Other Installments   Heating Fuel$  63.75   Appliances$  57.75   Telephone$  21.47   Furniture$110.80   Water$  31.80Regular Savings$  75.00   Garbage/Sewer Fee$  17.21Emergency Fund$  50.00   Other Security$  25.00TOTAL$                                           $           TransportationANNUAL EXPENSES   Gasoline/Oil$  60.00Life Insurance$480.00   Parking$  35.00Home Insurance$180.00   Tolls$  12.00Car Insurance$475.00   Commuting$  20.00Real Estate Taxes$1200.00   Other Misc.$  35.00Car Registration$  26.50Pledges/Contributions$360.00Personal Spending   Other                 $              Clothing$100.00TOTAL$              Credit Payments$  25.00MONTHLY SHARE   Newspapers. Gifts, Etc.$  16.75(Divided by 12)$              Pocket Money$  32.00EntertainmentMONTHLY BALANCE SHEET   Movies/Theater$  20.00Net Income   Sporting Events$  20.00(Total Budget)$1800.00   Recreation$  15.00   Living Expenses$                Dining Out$  32.00   Fixed Expenses$             TOTAL$              Annual Expenses$             TOTAL MONTHLY   EXPENSES$                BALANCE$             \begin{array}{l r |l r} \hline \text{Food/Grocery Bill} & \$210.00 & \text{Rent/Mortgage Payment} & \$715.20\\ \text{Household Expenses} & & \text{Car Payment} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~\text{Electricity} & \$~~55.65 & \text{Other Installments}\\ ~~~\text{Heating Fuel} & \$~~63.75 & ~~~\text{Appliances} & \$~~57.75\\ ~~~\text{Telephone} & \$~~21.47 & ~~~\text{Furniture} & \$110.80\\ ~~~\text{Water} & \$~~31.80 & \text{Regular Savings} & \$~~75.00\\ ~~~\text{Garbage/Sewer Fee} & \$~~17.21 & \text{Emergency Fund} & \$~~50.00\\ ~~~\text{Other} \underline{\text{ Security}} & \$~~25.00 & \text{TOTAL} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~ \underline{\text{~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~}}& \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~} & \\[10pt] \text{Transportation} & & \textbf{ANNUAL EXPENSES} \\ ~~~\text{Gasoline/Oil} & \$~~60.00 & \text{Life Insurance} & \$480.00\\ ~~~\text{Parking} & \$~~35.00 & \text{Home Insurance} & \$180.00\\ ~~~\text{Tolls} & \$~~12.00 & \text{Car Insurance} & \$475.00\\ ~~~\text{Commuting} & \$~~20.00 & \text{Real Estate Taxes} & \$1200.00\\ ~~~\text{Other} \underline{\text{ Misc.}} & \$~~35.00 & \text{Car Registration} & \$~~26.50\\ & & \text{Pledges/Contributions} & \$360.00\\ \text{Personal Spending}& & ~~~\text{Other}\underline{\text{~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~}} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~ \text{Clothing} & \$100.00& \text{TOTAL} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~ \text{Credit Payments} & \$~~25.00 & \text{MONTHLY SHARE} & \\ ~~~ \text{Newspapers. Gifts, Etc.} & \$~~16.75 & \text{(Divided by 12)} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~ \text{Pocket Money} & \$~~32.00 \\[10pt] \text{Entertainment} & & \textbf{MONTHLY BALANCE SHEET}\\ ~~~ \text{Movies/Theater} & \$~~20.00 & \text{Net Income} & \\ ~~~ \text{Sporting Events} & \$~~20.00 & \text{(Total Budget)} & \$1800.00\\ ~~~ \text{Recreation} & \$~~15.00 & ~~~\text{Living Expenses} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ ~~~ \text{Dining Out} & \$~~32.00 & ~~~\text{Fixed Expenses} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ \text{TOTAL} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~} & ~~~\text{Annual Expenses} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ & & \text{TOTAL MONTHLY} \\ & & ~~~\text{EXPENSES} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ & & ~~~\text{BALANCE} & \underline{\$~~~~~~~~~~~~~}\\ \end{array}

What is the total of their monthly living expenses?


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The total monthly living expenses is the sum of all monthly living expenses.

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