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Commercial contractors and home improvement merchants like Lowe's and Home Depot can purchase roofing and siding supplies from Great Plains Distributors Inc. The business owner is curious to know how different factors affect how much fiber-cement siding is sold. In the United States, the corporation operates 26 marketing districts. It gathered data on the following factors in each district: sales volume (in thousands of dollars), advertising spending (in thousands of dollars), the number of active accounts, the number of rival brands, and an assessment of market potential.

 Sales  (000s)  Advertising  Dollars  (000s)  Number of  Accounts  Number of  Competitors  Market  Potential 79.35.531108200.12.55586163.28.067129200.13.050716146.03.038815177.72.971121793.54.22683259.04.57549331.25.671\begin{array}{|ccccc|} \begin{array}{c} \text { Sales } \\ \text { (000s) } \end{array} & \begin{array}{c} \text { Advertising } \\ \text { Dollars } \\ \text { (000s) } \end{array} & \begin{array}{c} \text { Number of } \\ \text { Accounts } \end{array} & \begin{array}{c} \text { Number of } \\ \text { Competitors } \end{array} & \begin{array}{c} \text { Market } \\ \text { Potential } \end{array} \\ \hline 79.3 & 5.5 & 31 & 10 & 8 \\ 200.1 & 2.5 & 55 & 8 & 6 \\ 163.2 & 8.0 & 67 & 12 & 9 \\ 200.1 & 3.0 & 50 & 7 & 16 \\ 146.0 & 3.0 & 38 & 8 & 15 \\ 177.7 & 2.9 & 71 & 12 & 17 \\ \vdots & \vdots & \vdots & & \\ 93.5 & 4.2 & 26 & 8 & 3 \\ 259.0 & 4.5 & 75 & 4 & 9 \\ 331.2 & 5.6 & 71 & & \\ \hline \end{array}

Find the most accurate sales predictors by performing a multivariate regression analysis. Using this, refine the regression equation so the remaining variables are all significant.

Bob’s Baskets, Inc., manufactures and sells two types of baskets, deluxe and standard. Last year, Bob’s Baskets had the following costs and revenues:

BOB’S BASKETS, INC.Income Statement\begin{array}{c} \textbf{BOB’S BASKETS, INC.}\\ \textbf{Income Statement}\\ \end{array}

Deluxe Standard Total
Sales revenue $216,000 $240,000 $456,000
Direct materials 20,000 20,000 40,000
Direct labor 48,000 72,000 120,000
Overhead costs
Administration 30,000
Production setup 60,000
Quality control 30,000
Distribution 24,000
Operating profit $ 152,000

Bob’s Baskets currently uses labor costs to allocate all overhead but is considering implementing an activity-based costing system. After interviewing the sales and production staff, management decides to allocate administrative costs on the basis of direct labor costs but to use the following bases to allocate the remaining overhead:

Activity Level
Activity Cost Driver Deluxe Standard
Setting up Number of production runs 20 10
Performing quality control Number of inspections 60 20
Distribution Number of units shipped 80,000 120,000

Write a report to management stating why product line profits differ using activity-based costing compared to the traditional approach. Indicate whether activity-based costing provides more accurate information and why (if you believe it does provide more accurate information). Indicate in your report how the use of labor-based overhead allocation could cause management at Bob’s Baskets to make suboptimal decisions.


When traveling outside of the United States it is often useful to be able to convert between temperatures measured using the Fahrenheit scale and temperatures measured using the Celsius scale. The standard formula for determining temperature in degrees Fahrenheit when given the temperature in degrees Celsius is, F=95C+32F=\frac{9}{5} C+32. We can write this formula using function notation by letting F=g(C)F = g(C) and writing g(C)=93C+32g(C)=\frac{9}{3} C+32. The function g defines a process for converting degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit. a. State the meaning of g(100) and evaluate g(100). b. Solve the equation g(C)=212g(C)=212 and explain how you arrived at your answer. c. Define a function h that converts Fahrenheit temperature to its Celsius temperature. (Hint. Generalize the steps you described in part (b) that reverses of g. You can also solve F=93C+32F=\frac{9}{3} C+32 for C.) d. Determine the values of g(100) and h(212). e. Determine the values of g(h(212)) and h(g(100)) without performing any calculations. What do you notice about the relationship between g and h? f. Represent the value of g(h(n)). Represent the value of h(g(k)). What do you notice about the relationship between g and h?


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Answered 1 year ago
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a) The meaning of the g(100)g(100) is that it represents the temperature in Fahrenheit if we are given a temperature of 100100 degrees Celsius.

Let's evaluate g(100)g(100):

g(C)=95C+32g(100)=(1)95100+32g(100)=9005+32g(100)=180+32g(100)=(2)212\begin{aligned} g(C)&=\frac{9}{5}C+32\\ g(100)&\overset{(1)}=\frac{9}{5}\cdot100+32\\ g(100)&=\frac{900}{5}+32\\ g(100)&=180+32\\ g(100)&\overset{(2)}=212\\ \end{aligned}

The result 212212 represents temperature in Fahrenheit.

(1)(1) - Substitute CC with 100100 (2)(2) - The final result

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