Write a class Polynomial that stores a polynomial such as

p(x)=5x10+9x7x10p(x)=5 x^{10}+9 x^7-x-10

as a linked list of terms. A term contains the coefficient and the power of xx. For example, you would store p(x)p(x) as


Supply methods to add, multiply, and print polynomials. Supply a constructor that makes a polynomial from a single term. For example, the polynomial p can be constructed as

Polynomial p = new Polynomial(new Term(-10, 0));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(-1, 1)));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(9, 7)));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(5, 10)));

Then compute p(x)×p(x)p(x) \times p(x)

Polynomial q = p.multiply(p);


Answered 6 months ago
Answered 6 months ago
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Lets first create the Term class.

public class Term {
    private final int power;
    private final int coeff;

    public int getPower() {
        return power;

    public int getCoeff() {
        return coeff;

    public Term(int coeff, int power) {
        this.power = power;
        this.coeff = coeff;

    public Term multiply(Term other) {
        return new Term(coeff * other.coeff,power+other.power);

    public String toString() {
        if (power == 0) {
            return String.valueOf(coeff);
        return coeff + "x^" + power;

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