Write a recursive program to generate random sentences from a given BNF grammar. A BNF grammar is a recursively defined file that defines rules for creating sentences from tokens of text. Rules can be recursively self-similar. The following grammar can generate sentences such as “Fred honored the green wonderful child”:

<s>::=<np> <vp>
<np>::=<dp> <adjp> <n>|<pn>
<adjp>::=<adj>|<adj> <adjp>
<vp>::=<tv> <np>|<iv>


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
Step 1
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In this project, we want to generate random sentences using the given BNF grammar.

We will create a BNFGrammar class that will solve this problem using recursion. This class will have two attributes:

  1. Map<String, String[ ]> ruleMap: This is used to store a rule map with the rules being the key and rule expressions as value.

  2. List<String> rulesList: This is used to store the rules.

We will also have a main method that will be used to run the program.

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