The Quizlet Unconference 2021

We’re proud to host our fifth annual Unconference event at Quizlet. Watch all the videos session recordings below.

The most powerful Unconference ever

This year’s Quizlet Unconference is all about looking to the future with confidence.

Viewers will learn how to best serve students with keynotes from world-class speakers and tips for making the most of Quizlet. Come hear from fellow teacher ambassadors, Quizlet staff, and special keynote speakers.

View our recorded sessions from our three-day professional development event below.

Day 1 - Engagement

Welcome to 2021 Unconference

Let’s get started! Your host for the 2021 Unconference, Rory Yakubov, will provide a brief overview of everything you can look forward to during this three-day event. CEO Matthew Glotzbach will welcome you and share information on the latest Quizlet updates.

Quizlet 101: A beginners guide for teachers 

If you’re new to Quizlet, or have only dabbled in its features, you’ll want to join this session. Rory will walk you through each Quizlet learning mode and demonstrate how to make the most of it in your classroom.

Quizlet 201: Advanced features and hacks

Seasoned Quizlet users will learn how to harness advanced features to bring their edtech usage to the next level. Learn to search for what you need, customize what you find, and access premium content from our partners.

How to boost your classroom engagement with TikTok Star Honest Teacher Vibes

This teacher and TikTok influencer knows how to captivate an audience, as more than 700,000 TikTok followers can attest. In this session, she shares her best tips for doing the same in your classroom.

Creating the best study sets ever on Quizlet

Learn to enhance your study sets with premium features that will help your students grasp everything they need to know. We’ll discuss adding text formatting, audio, plot points and more to your study sets.

Day 2 - Inspiration

Subject matter session - Math

Learn to create powerful math study sets that are effective learning tools for your students. Then assign them for student practice or start a rousing game of Quizlet Live to skyrocket your classroom engagement.

Subject matter session - Science

Help students remember key terms and functions with this overview of the best practices to implement when using Quizlet to teach science.

Subject matter session - Languages

Quizlet is a great choice for language practice. Learn how to create study sets that will help your students master vocabulary and other aspects of language study.

Subject matter session - Higher Education

Learn how to use Quizlet in higher education settings.

Personal wellness for teachers: Taking care of your mental and physical health 

You can’t help your students if you’re not operating on all cylinders. Learn to take care of your mental and physical health with wellness thought leader, Lily Ma.

Accessibility and support for all students through Quizlet

Learn how Quizlet can help you meet the needs of all your students. In this session, we’ll review how to differentiate instruction in Quizlet, how to insert audio into study sets, and how to collect feedback. You’ll also hear about various strategies to engage students, and will come away raring to get started.

Teaching critical thinking using Black history 

Melissa Crum, an educational consultant, diversity practitioner and cultural strategist, will discuss how to become a better advocate for your students by focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Social Justice isn't just for Social Studies: Be the Change in a Mathematics Classroom

Learn how to bring social justice in the mathematics classroom. Get to know “Be The Change,” Quizlet's educational resource library and understand how to apply it to any math class.

Day 3 - Innovation

What’s new on Quizlet for teachers?

Be the first to learn about brand-new Quizlet features like exit tickets and options that will help you get your classes organized.

Ask Quizlet anything!

We answer your questions about Quizlet.

The best teaching tools of 2021

Join us in exploring the best teaching tools for the upcoming school year. We’ll look at multiple tools like Canva, Google and others, that can help you solve problems and improve the classroom experience.

Learning science + Quizlet: How to harness Quizlet for student success

In this session, Quizlet’s learning scientist will share the latest learning science insights and discuss how you can use them to help your students master content, whether they’re learning in the classroom or studying independently.

The benefits of Quizlet Teacher

Our product specialists will walk you through the advanced features available to Quizlet Teacher subscribers. Learn how to make the most of this functionality in your classroom.