Introducing the Quizlet GCSE Resource Centre

Discover 10,000 ready-made study sets covering 24 GCSE subjects, aligned to exam board specifications and created by Verified Educators and partners.

GCSE revision using flashcards, games and more

Quizlet provides fun and simple tools to help you revise for your GCSEs. With five practical ways to revise, as well as three revision games, whatever your learning style, we have something for you.

Discover and create GCSE flashcards

Need help with GCSE Biology, PE or Spanish revision? Whatever the subject, Quizlet’s flashcards have your back. Discover millions of flashcard sets created by other students and teachers or easily create your own to personalise your revision.

Revise with study modes and games

If flipping through flashcards isn’t your bag, worry not — Quizlet offers unique learning games such as Match and Gravity to make your revision more engaging. You'll also find study modes, including Learn, which creates a personalised study plan and guides you through it, and Diagrams, which is great for visual learners. When revision is fun, you won’t want to stop!

Study on the go

Download our free app to take your GCSE revision notes with you. Study between classes, on the bus, waiting in a queue — wherever life takes you!

I love the versatility of Quizlet as wherever I am, I do not need to worry about revision cards or notes as my revision activities are all available on my phone.