Quizlet's Teacher Ambassador Program

Quizlet Teacher Ambassadors are passionate about Quizlet, leaders within their schools, and masters at their craft. Ambassadors identify opportunities to showcase Quizlet at their schools, educational conferences, and other professional development opportunities.

What Teacher Ambassadors gain:

  • Free Quizlet Teacher Account
  • Exclusive membership in a community of innovative educators
  • Coaching and support from Quizlet staff
  • Access to limit-edition Quizlet Teacher Ambassador Swag
  • Publishing opportunities on the Quizlet Teacher Blog
  • Social Media spotlighting via Twitter and Community Platform
  • Access to free professional development materials (handouts, diagrams, swag, etc.)

Teachers that make great Ambassadors are:

  • Are an avid Quizlet user
  • Passionate about all things Quizlet
  • Like to spread the word to other teachers about how much fun and engagement your students get out of Quizlet and Quizlet Live
  • Collaborate and share materials, professional development resources on how to best use Quizlet in the classroom because it's genuinely worked for you
  • Give great advice — or at least aren't afraid to try. We look to this group first when we want to debut new features that need smart feedback
  • Are interested in writing a blog, making videos, or otherwise are good at expressing yourself creatively. Maybe you want to write something for our blog? We'd love to help give voice to your thoughts and experiences about the intersection of education and technology
  • Follow some great tech and education advocates online who help us dig up useful links and innovative ideas to share

Ambassador Requirements:

  • Promote Quizlet at your school via department meetings and collaboration with colleagues
  • Identify opportunities (Professional Development and/or Conference) to showcase your usage of Quizlet by presenting on your work
  • Collaborate and engage with Ambassadors in the online community for Quizlet Teacher Ambassadors
  • Attend 1 Quizlet Ambassador sync via Google Hangouts or Zoom
  • Share all ambassador activity via social media, online community, and email submissions of presentations, pictures, event recaps, etc.
  • Proficiency in English

We are currently not accepting applications at the moment. Stay tuned for announcements by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.