Formative assessment fun with Checkpoint

The newest member of the Quizlet Live family has arrived.

Your students will love this engaging, interactive activity.

Move on with confidence

Keep tabs on your students and keep them engaged with this new formative assessment activity.

Fun for the entire class

Engage students with energizing music, timed questions and animations

Term-by-term reporting

Get graphs that show what students are mastering and what needs focus

Easy setup, like Classic Live

Share the link or QR code and students can join with mobile or desktop devices

Play alongside peers

Checkpoint offers an alternative to competitive game play. You choose the questions and terms students should be quizzed on, Checkpoint provides rich feedback to help inform future lessons.

Engagement and insight

Pick a Quizlet study set with six items or more and let Checkpoint generate an activity for you on the spot. Invite students by sharing the join code. Watch them select their answers and get an idea of what everyone has learned! 

See Checkpoint in action

Learn how to start a game in this short video and play a round with your students.

"With Checkpoint, teachers can easily take the pulse of the room and find out what students understand and what they need to work on through this quick, formative assessment. Use it as an exit ticket to see what students understood, an entrance check to see what students understand, and a fun way to review multiple choice questions quickly and easily!"