Class Progress

See what your students need work on
(a Quizlet Teacher feature)

Aggregate study data

See which words or concepts your students are struggling with most.

Who studied and how

See everyone who's studied your set. And with your Quizlet classes, see how they studied.

See progress over time

Compare study data from the past day, week, and year.

Convenient and simple to use

See all this data on one simple page.

What needs work

Learn which words your students miss all the time - and which ones they're getting right - so you can make the best use of class time. For each term or concept, you'll see aggregate data showing how often students get the term right (on average).

Who studied?

If you haven't created a Quizlet class yet (here's how), you can still see all the students who studied your set, at a glance. You can sort by the past year, week and day to get the most up to date info.

How did they study?

If you have created Quizlet classes, you'll also see which study modes your students are using (Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, and Space Race) as well as exactly when they studied.

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Totally awesome. This gives me real data to back up my gut instincts on what things my students can handle now and what things they still need to practice.
rubidiumm TEACHER
The ability to see the terms that are commonly missed is a BIG plus. This way I can focus on these terms in class to provide as much exposure as possible, hopefully leading to better retention.
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