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Go beyond flashcards with Learn. Built on learning science principles and powered by AI, every part of Learn is designed to help you reach your goals faster.

Try different formatsUse Learn to study with multiple choice, true or false, written questions and more.
Get adaptive study helpLearn tracks what terms you struggled with and drills you until you know them.
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Study anything

Create a flashcard set (or find one made by other students and teachers) and turn it into adaptive study sessions and quizzes. Choose from multiple choice, true or false, written questions and more.

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Learn uses your past study behavior to identify what's most challenging for you, so your study session is more targeted. Make progress with short, actionable study sessions.

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As you answer more questions correctly, you're advanced from easier multiple choice questions to harder, written ones. Be ready for test day with Learn.

94% of students who use Learn or Test say Quizlet helps them get better grades*

*381 Quizlet users were surveyed in Dec. 2021