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  1. probe
  2. contend
  3. clique
  4. blasphemy
  5. improvise
  1. a explore, scrutinize; inquuiry, detector
  2. b S: curse, profanity, sacrilege, imprecation
  3. c inner circle, coterie
  4. d S: battle, dispute, vie, maintain, assert
  5. e ad-lib, play it by year, wing it, extemporize

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  1. quiver vibrate shiver quake palpitate
  2. adaptable handy, all-around, many-sided
  3. manacle, enslave, handcuffs, bonds, irons
  4. turn down, reject, decline, snub, repudiate
  5. enfeeble, sap, enervate

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  1. miremarsh, swamp, bog, slough


  2. ruggedrocky, craggy, blunt, harsh, hardy, tough


  3. knavequiver vibrate shiver quake palpitate


  4. garblelower, humiliate, prostrate, demean


  5. impenitentS: profane, impious, sacrilegious, flippant


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