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  1. Billy Sunday
  2. Garrett A. Morgan
  3. Lusitania
  4. The battle of Gettysburg
  5. Andrew Johnson
  1. a invented the traffic signal and the gas mask
  2. b the vice president who took President Lincoln's place when he was shot
  3. c American boat that was sunk by a German topedo in May 1915
  4. d famous baseball star who became an evangelist
  5. e the South lost this battle making it a turning point of the Civil War

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  1. girls age 48 and boys age 46
  2. the first to have powered flights ina machine that was heavier than air
  3. leader of the Confederate troops
  4. famous motto "Speak softly and carry a big stick" - 26th President- first American to win a Nobel prize
  5. Gypsy Smith, G. Campbell Morgan, and F.B. Meyer

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  1. dictatorspeople who rule by force and do not allow their subjects any freedom


  2. South Koreacontrolled by the Soviet Union, invaded S. Korea in 1950-created the Korean War


  3. Woodrow WilsonPresident during WWI,


  4. Appotmattox Court House, VirginiaThe battle where Stonewall Jackson and his troops fought against overwhelming odds


  5. Merrimac and Monitorironclad ships that battled against each other during the war


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