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  1. tumult
  2. pretext
  3. retrospect
  4. despondent
  5. zealot
  1. a a person totally devoted to a purpose or cause
  2. b reviewing the past; considering past events
  3. c downhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed
  4. d a reason to hide plans, an excuse
  5. e violent and noisy commotion

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  1. attendants of high ranking
  2. prolonged arguments, debate
  3. give up or surrendered
  4. without interruption
  5. critical, extremely important

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  1. irrepressibleincapable of being held back


  2. posthumouslyviolent and noisy commotion


  3. scoffto make fun of; mock; refuse to take seriously


  4. indefatigableto bring about by moving others to action; to stir up


  5. impromptudone without preparation


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