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  1. Lethargic
  2. Pedantic
  3. Nepotism
  4. Inaugurate
  5. Indict
  1. a charge with a crime
  2. b Favoritism shown to relatives, especially in job appointments
  3. c Making a show of learning; being formal or precise about minor matters in scholarship.
  4. d drowsy;dull;tired
  5. e start; initiate, install in office

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  1. Dark; not transparent
  2. lazy
  3. easily understood
  4. That which may be true but which seems to be contradictory, false or absurd; a self-contradictory statement.
  5. Marginal; outer

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  1. Insipidtasteless;dull


  2. Infamousnotoriously bad


  3. InalienableUnruly;stubborn


  4. PhilanthropistLover of mankind; doer of good


  5. IncongruousHarmless


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