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  1. antipathy
  2. adventitious
  3. impale
  4. optimum
  5. amorphous
  1. a accidental, nonessential, incidental
  2. b to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
  3. c an intense dislike
  4. d shapeless, formless, vague
  5. e best, most favorable, ideal

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  1. a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  2. to confuse, bewilder, muddle, obscure
  3. respect; consideration
  4. improve someone morally
  5. an essential quality

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  1. affectationa phony attitude; pose


  2. grotesqueabsurd; distorted


  3. ephemeralsavage, brutal, brutish, vile, cruel


  4. eschewto keep away from; to avoid; to shun


  5. knellburdensome; heavy; hard to endure


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