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  1. cold front
  2. rock cycle
  3. front
  4. permeable
  5. sunspots
  1. a allows water to pass through
  2. b the boundary between air masses of different temperatures
  3. c a dark, cool patch on the surface of the sun
  4. d the continuous process of rocks changing from one type to another
  5. e front that is formed as a cold air mass moves into a warm air mass

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  1. measures wind speed; wind turns cups to determine speed; measured in miles/hour or kilometers/hour
  2. measures air temperature; closed tube with alcohol or mercury; when air heats the liquid, it expands and moves up the tube, a scale shows the temperature
  3. a hypothesis by Alfred Wegener, all the continents formed one land mass, or a "supercontinent"
  4. the spinning of a planet on its axis
  5. an object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust, and when near the sun, a tail of gas and dust particles pointing away from the sun

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  1. warm frontfront that forms when a warm air mass moves into a cold air mass


  2. geologista person that studies geology, which is the study of solid earth


  3. moonthe natural satellite of the earth, visible by reflected light from the sun


  4. rain gaugethe top layer of the water level


  5. occluded frontany of the five planets Jupietr, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, amd Pluto, whose orbit is outside that of Mars


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