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  1. scrape
  2. secondhand
  3. smash
  4. satirical
  5. scheme
  1. a v. to break violently into pieces
  2. b v. to rub against a rough or hard surface; n. a difficult situation or a fight
  3. c n. a systematic plan for achieving a particular aim; v. to make secret plans
  4. d adj. used by someone else before
  5. e adj. containing or using satire

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  1. n. an upright partition used to divide a room, give shelter or conceal something; v. to protect from something dangerous or unpleasant
  2. v. to seize quickly in a rude or eager way
  3. n. an internal or external framework of bone
  4. adj. extensive or important enough to merit attention
  5. adj. fairly large

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  1. seizev. to take hold of something suddenly and forcibly


  2. slipperyadj. wet, smooth or oily so that it slides


  3. segregaten. each of the parts into which something is divided


  4. shrinkv. to become or make smaller


  5. solicitadj. having to do with older people; n. a person who is older than someone else


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