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  1. Amendment 25
  2. What started the Great War? (WWI)
  3. Amendment 11
  4. Amendment 3
  5. Amendment 17
  1. a Quartering of Troops
  2. b The assassination of the Austrian archduke (Francis Ferdinand) by a Serbian terrorist.
  3. c Succession to the Presidency
  4. d Direct election of senators
  5. e Limiting powers of federal courts

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  1. World of ideas, myth of the cave.
  2. amō
    (ās, at)
  3. nuntius, nuntiī
  4. Practical philosophy - socialism.
  5. amāveram
    (āverās, āverat)

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  1. Name 4 reasons for the colonization of America.Business opportunity, land ownership, employment offers, political (religious) freedom.


  2. LockeEverything, including the soul, consists of tiny particles of matter.


  3. Explain the difference between old and new immigrants.Federalists - support the Constitution, Anti-Feds - oppose the Constitution.


  4. learn, find outChristianized Plato.


  5. Amendment 7Rules of common law


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