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  1. allah
  2. arafat
  3. passover
  4. palestine
  5. night journey of muhammed
  1. a a visionary journey reported by Muhammed in which he flew on a small donkey from Mecca to Jersusalem, then to heaven , where he met allah
  2. b jewish holy day with a seder meal. celebrating the Exodus of the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian slavery about 1250 BCE, led by moses.
  3. c Muslim name for the one and only God
  4. d the land of the ancient philistine people along the southern seacoast of what is now Israel, then the larger area now Israel, called Palestine, by the romans
  5. e a ritual location east of Mecca where polgrims practice wuquf "standing" before a small hill

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  1. the escape of the ancient hebrews from slavery in Egypt, around 1250 BCE, led by moses to the promised land, now Israel
  2. scred text of islam
  3. jewish collection of ancient rabbinic oral tradtion collected as mishnah and gemara
  4. expressed as solidarity with the poor notably in latin american african american and feminist thought
  5. pilgrimage to Hajj, mecca during month Dhul-hija. one of 5 basic duties of muslim.

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  1. Nazarethtall tower beside many muslim mosques from which the muezzin calls out the believers to prayer


  2. good fridaytradtional day of Jesus Chris's crucifixion


  3. mesopotamialand between two rivers - the ancient settled region between and around the tigris and euphrates rivers , east of med. sea once babylonia, now iraq


  4. crucifixionbeing hung to die on a cross. an ancient roman means of execution for criminals, also used for Jesus


  5. canonizationroman catholic process by which the Pope officially accepts a person as a saint


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