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  1. Red Color after Reagent A and B
  2. Choosing an antimicrobial agent
  3. Thermophilic
  4. Time
  5. Penicillin G
  1. a thrives in heat, enzymes adapt in high temperature
  2. b positive result
    nitrate reductase
    prescense of nitrite
  3. c type of bacteria, mechanism of action, allergies, cost, lifestyle, side effects, toxicity, other medications (drug interactions), chronic disease, complience, age
  4. d narrow spectrum
    few side efects
    peptidoglyan/cell wall inhibition
    gram +
  5. e constant

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  1. globular protein
    provides immunity
    B-lymphocytes (WBC)
  2. not metabolized
    nitrate reduction -
  3. TB
  4. B. subtilis (spores)
    protozoan cysts
    fungi (spores for reproduction)
  5. oxidizing, denatures proteins

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  1. No Gas Bubblescatalast negative


  2. Lack of colorO2
    bacterial colonies that produce catalase
    catalase positive


  3. Rifampinforeign body stimulates immune reaction, attaches to well
    from HIV virus


  4. Disruption of nucleic acid functionrifampin


  5. Point Mutationwrong nucleotide
    changes codyme--> 1 amino acid protein shape is changed


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