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  1. allay
  2. eschew
  3. Diatribe
  4. Effigy
  5. Evince
  1. a A bitter verbal attack
  2. b (v.) to calm or pacify, set to rest; to lessen or relieve
  3. c To display clearly
  4. d (v) to avoid, shun, keep away from
  5. e An image of a despised person

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  1. (adj.) holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful
  2. (v) to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpone a decision; to compromise
  3. Easily irritated
  4. (adj.) having a salty taste and unpleasant to drink
  5. (adj.) habitually silent or quiet, inclined to talk very little

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  1. tenable(adj) capable of being held or defended


  2. Travesty(n.) an inadequate quantity, scarcity, dearth


  3. PropinquityNearness in place or time, proximity


  4. misanthrope(adj) of little value or importance, paltry, measly; concerned with trifling matters, small-minded


  5. celerity(n) swiftness, rapidity of motion or action


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