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  1. fMRI
  2. self-report
  3. William James
  4. will
  5. incentive, arousal, discrepancy
  1. a is the fourth grand theory
  2. b is good, rational, immaterial, and active
  3. c was the first psychologist the popularize the instinct theory
  4. d it assesses brain function by sampling blood flow over time and produces "movies" of participants brain activity while they perform certain tasks
  5. e is information provided by a person, such as through a survey or interview

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  1. is any condition within the person that is essential and necessary for life, growth, and well-being
  2. is the third grand theory
  3. making plans, setting goals, formulating intentions
  4. brain center for appetite regulation
  5. is a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes

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  1. grand theoryactivation of brain structures such as the amygdala (fear) or the prefrontal cortex (setting goals)


  2. septal areaany offering from one person given to another in exchange for his or her service or achievement


  3. instinctis motivation focusing on the mechanistic by explaining unlearned behaviour that has energy and purpose


  4. 3 essential hormones underlying motivation, emotion, and behaviourautonomy, competence, relatedness


  5. left prefrontal cerebral cortexwithdraw motivational and emotional tendencies


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