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  1. hormones meaning
  2. contains four atoms of iodine
  3. thymus
  4. T4
  5. insulins function
  1. a T4
  2. b to urge on
  3. c thymosin
  4. d LOWER blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "blood to cells"
  5. e thyroxine

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  1. blood glucose levels(BG levels)
  2. diabetes mellitus
  3. regulates mineral salts (electrolytes); acts on the kidney to reabsorb sodium (electrolytes) to excrete potassium (electrolyte)
  4. fight or flight system
  5. before puberty, increase in human growth hormone

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  1. the three types of corticosteroids?glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, sex hormones


  2. hyper/functioningHIGH glucocorticoids, Cushings syndrome, abnormal fat deposition,hyperglycemia


  3. thymusproduces thymosin; part of immune system


  4. the major mineralocorticoid is?androgens, estrogen


  5. adrenalines functions?increase heart rate and blood pressure, dilate bronchial tubes, and release glucose(sugars) for energy


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