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  1. Venerable
  2. Brazen
  3. extrapolate
  4. enervate
  5. paucity
  1. a small in number or quantity, shortage or want N
  2. b to project, extend, or expand into an area not fully known V
  3. c cause to feel drained of energy or vitality V
  4. d marked by contemptuous boldness ADJ
  5. e deserving of praise ADJ

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  1. a living being, a creature, esp. a human N
  2. to make return for, repay, retaliate, avenge VB
  3. feeling or sowing anger for an injustice ADJ
  4. clever or artful skill, ingenuity. N
  5. raid, pillage

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  1. Abstrusevague, difficult to understand. ADJ


  2. internecinea person unrestrained in conviction or morality. N


  3. Hoarygray or white with old age, extremely old, ancient. ADJ


  4. beleaguerartillery fire, a vigorous or rapid outpouring of many things N


  5. blatheran evil cancer, menace, or bane N, to infect, to corrupt the spirit V


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