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  1. The US agreed not to do what in order for Japan to surrender unconditionally?
  2. Which Polish city was the focal point of the German Invasion in 1939?
  3. Which General landed his American and British troops in Africa in Operation Torch in 1942?
  4. What made up 1% of the US Navy and sank 50% of the Japanese Navy in 1943?
  5. What two events strengthened the bond between the US and Great Britain in 1941?
  1. a Submarines (US U-boats)
  2. b Not put the emperor on trial
  3. c Dwight D. Eisenhower. (Advance on the Germans in Tunisia from west)
  4. d Danzig
  5. e Lend-Lease Act & Atlantic Charter

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  1. USSR and FInland; Finland won and proved to Hitler how easy it would be for him to attack the USSR and win.
  2. Winston Churchill
  3. Mongolia; Not to attack USSR; Army is better than Navy.
  4. Kamikaze
  5. Mass execution of Polish nationals carried out by the Soviet Secret Police.

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  1. What was Operation Husky in 1943?Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)


  2. In 1943 what did the Big Three decide on at Casablanca?Germany surrender unconditionally


  3. On what two islands did the United States defeat Japan in 1943?Guadalcanal and Tarawa


  4. In 1941, what led to the internment of Japanese-American citizens and much fear in Americans?Relations are broken off, all Japanese assets in the USA are taken, and the USA will no longer sell oil to Japan.


  5. What was the turning point of WWII (1943)?Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)


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