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  1. reproach
  2. havoc
  3. guile
  4. novice
  5. eulogy
  1. a to criticize or express disapproval
  2. b widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder
  3. c a beginner
  4. d sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
  5. e a tribute; spoken or written praise, often given in honor of a person who has died

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  1. to prevent from moving freely or making progress; to limit; a large basket, usually with a cover
  2. to board a plane or ship; to start a major effort; to set out on a venture
  3. a bring or coming to an end; a halt
  4. to delay; to put off doing something
  5. something that draws attention away from the main issue

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  1. duplicitytruthfulness or accurarcy; conformity to fact or truth


  2. jargonwidespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder


  3. pulverizeto pound, crush, or grind into powder or dust


  4. incipientto picture in the mind; to imagine


  5. idiomto draw a conclusion from evidence


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