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  1. what is the region that ultimately makes the decision whether or not to fire an action potential
  2. what is a diffusiable molecule that attracts growth cones to its target
  3. which type of system (sensory/motor) are known to have ascending hierarchies
  4. What is the only output decision of the neuron
  5. which method of crossing the bbb involves packaging the drug in a liposome to cross the bbb
  1. a chemoattractant
  2. b trojan horse
  3. c spike initiation zone
  4. d sensory
  5. e fire action potential

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  1. neuroepithelial zone
  2. tight junction
  3. receptor mediated
  4. scarring
  5. inward current on dendrite

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  1. which protein interacts with microtubules helping to maintain the integrity of cytoskeletondoublecortin


  2. what is the process that leads to the formation of a bipolar neuroblastdifferentation


  3. what are the 5 transport mechanisms for transport across the bbbpassive diffusion
    transport mediated
    receptor mediated
    adsorptive mediated
    carrier mediated eflux


  4. phagocytosis is the responsibility of what type of cellhierarchial chain circuit


  5. in apoptosis in the cns inhibition of Bcl-2 channels leads to the release of whatcytochrome c


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