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  1. scale
  2. scrutinize
  3. sizable
  4. snatch
  5. scrape
  1. a v. to examine closely and thoroughly
  2. b v. to rub against a rough or hard surface; n. a difficult situation or a fight
  3. c v. to seize quickly in a rude or eager way
  4. d adj. fairly large
  5. e v. to climb to the top of something; a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring; a measuring device with such markings

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  1. adj. occurring or done at the same time
  2. n. a very tall building
  3. v. to make or become less active or intense
  4. v. to move or make one's way quickly and awkwardly, using one's hands as well as one's feet; n. act of scrambling
  5. v. to fasten or tighten; n. a metal pin with a spiral thread running around it

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  1. soberadj. very solemn or serious


  2. scanv. to make very wet


  3. soakv. to fly or rise high into the air


  4. soarv. to make very wet


  5. sheltern. a place giving protection from bad weather or danger; provide with shelter


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