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  1. ashramas
  2. last supper
  3. sufi
  4. jehovah
  5. lot
  1. a a name for God in Jewish and Christian tradition
  2. b son of abrahams brother Haran, who traveled with him. he later lived in the corrupt city of Sodom, where his family was threatened. Escaping sodom as God destroyed it, Lot and his wife were told not to look back, but she did and was turned into a pillar of salt
  3. c the four Hindu stages of life, student, householder, hermit, and homeless wanderer
  4. d the christian sacrament of communion based on the gosepl account of jesus meeting for passover meal with his disciples, sharing bread and wine, just before his capture and crucifixion
  5. e mystics, such Medlevi Order of whriling dervishes

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  1. episocopal cathederal of NY state in NYC. gothic architecture located on morningside hieghts at 110th st and cathedral ave. betwen columbia uni and harlem
  2. muslims who seek direct, close experience of allah, offtehn called mystics. leaders stress their obligations to also follow the moral and legal traditions of islam. some practice ascetic self denial others seek trance states such as the whirling dervishes
  3. Lord or master - nature deity common in western Semitic cultures, including Canaan; appears in jewish scriptures
  4. pre islamic spirits, friednly or hostile, absorbed into Islam
  5. capital city of israel founded by King David about 1000 BCE

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  1. sikhisma mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel


  2. mihrabthe niche in a muslim mosque indicating direction of Mecca, so they can bow that way


  3. looted and destoryedwhat happend to the Jewish temples?


  4. taj mahaloldest patrirach of jewish, christian, and muslim faiths, who, according to tradition, lived about 2100- 1400 BC, and migrated from lower Mesopotamian city of Ur to Canaan


  5. King Davidquorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship


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