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  1. Republic of China (Taiwan)
  2. Tuskegee Institute
  3. Italy
  4. Nat'l Socialism 3
  5. reservation
  1. a ruled by a Facist Gov't - ruled by Benito Mussolini - attacked ETHIOPIA
  2. b Thrid rule that says the leader can do NO WRONG
  3. c land which the U.S. set aside for Indians
  4. d founded by Chiang Kai-shek when he and his followers fled to Formosa because of the communist threat
  5. e Booker T. Washington built this school to educate black students on learning how to support themselves and prosper

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  1. the first to have powered flights ina machine that was heavier than air
  2. most decorated infantry unit in all of the United States Army
  3. the man who shot President Lincoln
  4. the battle where General Grant defeated the Confederates in Mississippi
  5. Cummunist took control of Russia in 1917 just before the end of WWI

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  1. SacagaweaShoshone indian who helped Lewis and Clark the Louisiana Territory


  2. Louisiana Purchasesystem of dots and dashes used to represent the letters of the alphabet and numbers. These dots and dashes are tapped out over a telegraph wires


  3. neutral nationland which the U.S. set aside for Indians


  4. John WesleyEnglish founder of the Methodist church


  5. Big Four4 most powerful ALLIED countries were Chiang Kai-shek of China, Joseph Stalin of Soviet Union, Sir Winston Churchil of England, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt


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