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  1. Obstruction
  2. Thwart
  3. Subside
  4. Myopia
  5. Commend
  1. a Verb- To give approval or praise.
  2. b Verb- To sink to a lower or more normal level.
    Verb- To become Less active or Intense.
  3. c Verb- To prevent from taking place; frustrate; block.
  4. d Noun- Something that blocks or gets in the way of; an obstacle.
  5. e (Noun) Lack of planning for the future; shortsightedness. OR
    Nearsightedness; a condition in which distant objects appear blurred.

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  1. Verb- To prevent from moving freely or making progress; to Limit OR Noun- A large basket with Dirty Clothes.
  2. Verb- To draw conclusions from evidence.
  3. Verb-To Prevent or Discourage from action, by means of fear or doubt
  4. Verb- To support with evidence.
  5. Noun- A false belief.
    Faulty and illogical reasoning.

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  1. LaudableAdjective- Worthy of praise or honor.


  2. Foresee(verb) To see or know ahead of time.


  3. AdulationNoun- Adoration; excessive praise or flattery.


  4. IndisputableAdj- Beyond doubt or question; certain.


  5. Behold(verb)To gaze at or look upon.


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