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  1. the role of the LVN
  2. manifestations of hyperphosphatemia
  3. causes of hypernatremia
  5. A
  1. a Water loss or sodium gains
  2. b Allergy to medications, chemicals, and other environmental products such as latex. all allergies are reported to anesthesia and surgical personnel before the beginning of surgery. place an allergy band on the patient's arm immediately
  3. c includes management of hypocalcemia
  4. d participate in planning care for patients based on patients needs
    review patients' care plans and recommend revisions as needed
    review and follow defined prioritization for patient care
    use clinical pathways, care maps, or care plans to guide and review patient care
  5. e extubate patient (remove endotracheal tube from airway)
    patient responds to commands
    patient verbalizes responses
    patient reacts to stimuli

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  2. this is a safer procedure than spinal anesthesia because the anesthetic agent is injected into the epidural space outside the dura mater and the depth of anesthesia is lighter.
    this type of anesthesia blocks sensation in the vaginal and perineal areas and thus is often used for obstetric procedures
  3. leg exercises every 2 hours
    antiembolisms stockings (TEDS)
  4. serum calcium levels > 10.5
  5. care of wound site
    action and possible site effects of any medications;
    when and how to take them
    activities allowed and prohibited
    dietary restrictions and modifications
    symptoms to be reported
    where and when to return for follow-up care
    answers to any individual questions or concerns

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  1. infection, risk for,related to:
    patient's critical condition


  2. hypermagnesemia<3.5 mEq/L mantains ICF balance


  3. causes of hypermagnesemiaincreased intake, decreased renal excretion


  4. HyponatremiaGain in sodium in excess of water; or a loss in water in excess of sodium


  5. nursing interventionsencourage muscle-strengthening exercises
    dangling the legs
    two people to assist with ambulation


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