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  1. Environmental scanning
  2. Ellerth v. Burlington Northern Industries
  3. Pilot programs
  4. Percentile
  5. Generation X
  1. a Group of people born roughly between the years of 1965 and 1980.
  2. b Specific point in a distribution of data that has a given percentage of cases below it.
  3. c Human resource development programs offered initially in a controlled environment with a segment of the target audience.
  4. d Court ruling that distinguished between supervisor harassment that results in tangible employment action and supervisor harassment that does not.
  5. e Process that surveys and interprets relevant data to identify external opportunities and threats.

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  1. Statistical method that can be used to project future demand; several variables are utilized.
  2. Use of statistics to determine whether relationships exist between two variables.
  3. Expectations of management translated into behaviors and results that employees can deliver.
  4. Interview conducted when an employee is terminating with a company in which employee is asked to share views on selected issues.
  5. Tests that measure person's social interaction skills and patterns of behavior.

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  1. StrictnessSystem of moral principles and values that establish appropriate conduct.


  2. Organizational development (OD)Process of enhancing the effectiveness of an organization and the well-being of its members through planned interventions.


  3. Griggs v. Duke Power1971 case that recognized adverse impact discrimination.


  4. Deductive reasoningType of learning curve in which the amount of learning or skill level increases rapidly at first and then the rate of improvement slows.


  5. Long-term objectivesLearning elements that may be reused in a variety of contexts; examples include animated graphics, job aids, and print modules.


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