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  1. Semmelweis
  2. microaerophile
  3. smear
  4. Explain the bacterial growth curve and each stage
  5. List the factors necessary for bacterial growth and indicate the purpose of each one.
  1. a Lag Phase, Exponential Phase, Stationary Phase, Death Phase
  2. b it needs oxygen, but can only tolerate low concentrations of it.
  3. c Faught for recognition of bacterial infection and push for disinfection techniques
  4. d material spread on a surface (as of a microscopic slide)
  5. e Essential organic nutrients & Not synthesized by the microscope and must be supplemented

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  1. an organism of microscopic size
  2. the study of microorganisms
  3. Chemically defined have a know molecular formula
  4. The genius is listed first and is capitalized , then comes the species which is in lower case
  5. Image is viewed against a dark backround.

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  1. trace elementscan only survive in aerobic conditions


  2. Robert Kochliquid media used for growing cells


  3. biogenesisproduction of a chemical compound by a living organism


  4. Anton van LeeuwenhoekUnited States geneticist who (with Crick in 1953) helped discover the helical structure of DNA (born in 1928)


  5. thermophilesbacteria that survives in temperatures from 45 C-110 C; grows in very hot conditions


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