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  1. Enveloped viruses
  2. Reverse transcriptase
  3. Dots
  4. Lack of color
  5. Culture and Sensitivity
  1. a collect specimen
    grow bacteria (agar streak plate)
    isolate bacterium
    streak plates with the isolate and apply anitibiotics
  2. b converts ssRNA viral genome into viral dsDNA which then gets integrated into the chromosome of the infected host cell
  3. c cannot survive outside the body
    ex. Hepatitis B
    phospholipid bilayer-cell membrane
    loses mode of attachment when disinfectants are used
    sensitive to environment
  4. d resistant cells-->colonies in high concentrations of antibiotics
  5. e oxidase negative

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  1. produce and secrete antibodies (serum proteins) that help the body to fight the unvadig virus
  2. variable for different types
  3. only certain types
    ex. Penicillin
  4. spikes
    attach to host cell
  5. minimal temperatures required to kill all microbes in a liquid in 10 minutes

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  1. Sporicidinkills spores


  2. Reverse transcriptasehas a high error rate


  3. Mycobacteriamycolic wax prevents absoprtion of antibiotics


  4. latency, may be stimulated by other infections where the T-cells are activated, then killed offindicates no nitrate (NO2) present
    add zinc powder


  5. Lipid bilayeranalytical profile index
    20 biochemical tests
    E- enterobacteriaceae


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